Preparing with Santo Daime

An Ayahuasca ritual is a special experience with an serious spiritual tool that’s not to be taken lightly. A good and secure guidance therefore is of the most importance for us.

We work consciously in small groups with a maximum of 10 people.

In order to keep the structure of the ritual as pure as possible, there are some guidelines:

  • Please come to the works wearing white or light coloured clothes.
  • For the ladies a white skirt/white shirt, blouse or dress. For the men white or light pants and a white shirt or sweater. It’s nice to bring a light jacket with you.
  • To keep the energy of the body, we advice sexual abstinence 3 days before and after the rituals.
  • Take a sleeping bag or plaid with you, just in case you want to lie down.
  • Please don’t drink alcohol on the day of the ritual
  • When you use (medical prescribed) drugs contact us before you come.